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Depression Dating


kind caring loyal trustworthy & loving


الموقعSouthend-on-Sea, Essex, England, المملكة المتحدة الحالةغير مرتبط/غير مرتبطة
العمر51, ذكر, 5'10" (178 cm) بحثأنثى
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Im sorry but i feel i must say this IF WE HAVEN'T MET IN THE FLESH THEN I WILL NEVER SEND YOU MONEY GIFTS LOANS OR HELP YOU PUT CREDIT ON YOUR PHONE IF YOU ASK FOR ONE OF THESE I WILL REPORT YOU AS A SCAMMER Briefly more to be added. Love music many types films tv box sets country walks ,good conversation...I miss those butterflies the anticipation that excitement you experience when you begin a new romance and I am genuinely interested in finding that special someone. I thought I'd better mention my employment status as only genuine women would consider me. Well the fact is I'm medically retired with a condition that affects my hands and feet therefore making it difficult to work. This website im on is called unemployed dating but its come to my notice, that my profile has been given to other date sites so for you I've brought this up.

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الجنسيةالمملكة المتحدة رأيك عن الزواجالزواج غير ضروري
المهنةآخر اللغاتالإنجليزية / آخر
التعليمالتدريب التقني الدينمحاييد دينياً

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لون العينأزرق أريد أطفاللا أريد ولكن أطفالك لا بأس
نوع الجسمضخم لدي حيوان أليفأمتلك قطة
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عادات التمرينقمت بتجربتها مرة عادات التدخينبانتظام
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Maybe a cafe somewhere to chat and hopefully click but I'm totally open to suggestions hey why don't you choose

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Bread heads,know it all's & control freaks . & SCAMMERS CHEATS & FAKES let me make this perfectly clear i dont give money gifts loans or help you put credit on your phone when we havent met in the flesh i will report you if you do. So if your not genuine leave me alone

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