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Im a man.. who is tired of broken promises take a few min out of your day to read wht i have to say.

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Hill City, United States

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Age: 23


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ill cut to the chase as i'm a straight and forward thinking man, if you want a real relationship or are currently pursuing someone who doesn't care about you personally i'm your guy, as ive just got out of a bad 3 year fling with a girl, Its fine though.. theres better out there (how u doin?). Probably like most who sign up for this website, im looking for companionship, someone who is real from the start. A person who sees me for me, and not whats in my wallet. The one and only simple thing i ask from you is, if you decide to message me... be honest and dont play games with me... because, ill be able to see it a mile away... What im trying to say is (dont waste my time, and i wont waste yours). Now that ive made my self clear, heres some things about me personally. i repair vintage amplifiers and am a avid audio nut who likes to have a great time. I also play bass, which for me is fun, especially creating solo bass arrangements! most people who think of bass, don't think of it in that light, takes some time but is always cool to jam :-) as far as movies go, anything with gore and heart throbbers, those are where its at, especially the gore part. I always liked stuff like that because of the hair standing feeling created with it. Likewise Resident evil is my top gaming franchise, walking dead is my favorite tv series, you get the idea. I Also have a broad taste in music everything from big band to technical grindcore, every type of music is fine by me!. As far as personality is concerned, im a quite laid back person who is easy to get along with, a person who is open to other peoples opinions, and enjoys the simpler things in life, shoot me a message ;-)
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