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Is anyone here NOT a troll?

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Auburn, United States

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Age: 52


Seeking: female


Intentions: See what Happens


Personality: Freethinking

This is a social intelligence test and writing too much here flags you as clueless. Whatever is written here only serves as a final check for any deal-killers after a decision was made while scanning pics. Post only see-my-perfect-life pictures and write as little as possible in these boxes. 

Or, at my age, do as you darn well please as the crickets will sound the same:

- I do enough to stay wider than deep across the midsection and not feel tired and achy all the time. Not much grey yet, butch in the summer, more presentable length during winter.  

- I like doing most anything that keeps my mind occupied but doesn't require me to strain my eyes (e.g. quilting) or otherwise suffer unnecessarily (e.g. hot yoga) 

- I've done a lot of stuff before, it comes with being around awhile, so save unnecessarily risking my life I'll get the most out of play dates watching you thrill over your first trust-the-rope fall or whatever  

- I have worked as a hydrogeologist and statistical forester for many moons but am taking an extended break to be with aging family 

- I don't care about what sport team wins (and I don't think God does either,). I will watch or go for the experience

- I was an avid trout fisherman for eons, but have yet to figure out how to make that work now 

- I don't do (un-) reality TV but like SciFi/Fantasy, futurism, dystopian, historical, learning 

- Americanos are my favorite bev in the AM, during PM it varies

- I'm an ornamental-gardening and fall-colors fan 

- I'm an ambivert and I'm out about it

- You're demur, fine 

- You're loud, fine 

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