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Just missing you to make me whole

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Norman, United States

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Relationship: Divorced

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Age: 39


Seeking: female


Intentions: Marriage


Personality: Honorable

Yeah I'm the romantic type! I love writing poetry, doing romantic things and catching a good romance movie. Family and friends are a big part of my life. Trust and loyalty are also very important to me. 

 I work as an IT Specialist for a bank. I own cats but love all animals. I would love to open a no kill shelter one day, as I can't bear to think of the little ones dying. My career dream has always been to write novels and program/design games. Working on the second book to the novel now.

 I'm an honorable man, won't tell a lie, which means I really don't like being lied to. Personality-wise everyone loves me, extremely smart, funny, loving, hard working, selfless, strong, romantic. Extremely honest and loyal. I still believe in old concepts, that a man should have personal honor and integrity. 

I was born near Chicago but that was a long time ago. I still affiliate myself more with there than here, but that's mostly with sports teams. In high school I was a basketball player and would've loved to have gone further. Got into programming when certain things didn't pan out. Been into computers since I was ten, my career has been mostly IT because of that. I could write a full autobiography here, but only so much space. So if you want to know more just hit me up with a message. 

Interests: Anything considered geeky, video games, guns, military, all sports, games of different kinds, computers, science fiction, fantasy.
TV: Walking Dead, Battlebots, Game of thrones
Movies: Lotr Series, Star Wars, Star Trek, Marvel movies, Saving Private Ryan
Music: Metallica, Tool, Chevelle, Breaking Benjamin
Books: Star Wars novels, military history, and D&D Fantasy novels
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