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Shenandoah Caverns, United States

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Age: 49


Seeking: female


Intentions: Relationship


Personality: Caring

 Some words that describe me - online dating newbie, freckly, animal lover, not photogenic, dad bod (but not a dad), introvert with some extrovert qualities (ISFJ), sarcastic but nice, middling intelligence, homebody who likes to go out when he's in a relationship, believer in the golden rule, one woman guy, someone who doesn't take himself too seriously, all that and a bag of chips (j/k about that last one...well sort of).

A female friend of mine said that I look "ethnic" which I think is a good description. My father is a pasty white guy (English, Scottish and Welsh descent), and my mother was Chinese. Random old Hispanic ladies will just start talking to me in Spanish. I've been told that I look younger than 44 in person. Who am I to argue?

I have 2 dogs and 1 cat. I'm just a regular guy who likes to do regular things.

Random fact about me - I have a loud sneeze. It's quite embarrassing, but don't worry I rarely sneeze...maybe that's why it's so loud.

I know the proper use of you're/your, it's/its, affect/effect and they're/their/there. I don't live with my parents. I won't send you a hateful message if you don't respond to mine or you politely say we aren't a match (apparently this is a thing??). Quite the catch huh ladies?
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