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Hey, uhh... dunno what to write here, I'm looking for you!

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Wembley, United Kingdom

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Age: 35


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Well, I'm a man of thoughts and feelings. I have kind of a dual world in my head: Angels and Demons! The Heart and the Mind, one Sober and one Blind. Ever since I was born they are against each other. They both like to exaggerate and push the other down. Sometimes it feels right, feels good to profit from these highs. But many times it creates chaos and agony. The Demons are taking me Down, below the ground. Making my life Hell. Then with a high desire I crave for the Heavens and the Angels are taking me high above the clouds, way to high. Imagine a Free fall from there! Horrible... But something tells me there is a shining bright light at the end of the tunnel. It offers help to create sustainable development, Harmony in other words. A true Equilibrium between Heaven and Hell! This Bright Light is You! I'm looking for You!
I wonder if I live in a Dream or in a Nightmare, but it wouldn't matter after all, if I find you, I can tell you I'll be able to overcome any obstacle that life creates for us. In turn I would open you up, make you free from all the pain, set you free to start an incredible journey in a world of fantasy and adventure! Let's do this!
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