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Yeah, I am moody. I'm a bit hopeless at life because of it. However, I have been told that I am warm, loving, and loyal.

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Ffawyddog, United Kingdom

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Age: 38


Seeking: female


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Personality: Sophisticated

I enjoy music of all genres, from classical and film soundtracks, to Lana Del Rey and Ray Charles.
I love films of any type, and will watch anything just to see what it's like, but my favourite films include Remains of the Day, Evil Dead 2, Day of the Dead, About Schmidt, One Flew Over the Cuckoo's Nest, etc . . .
To fill in spare time, I like to take walks, get some moderate exercise, read, listen to talk radio etc.
If I could be anything, I would be an artist like Rothko - or indeed any artist who was able to make a living would be nice!
My favourite TV character is Columbo - the shows themselves aren't great, but I just love his personality.
I can be a bit grumpy at times, a bit greedy, and a bit old fashioned.
On the up side, I am honest, loyal, and loving.
I don't have much money, and I don't drive. I can be a bit pessimistic at times, but I enjoy being with people who are more optimistic, and are intelligent and enjoy what they do. 
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