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36, female, Single

Centerpoint, United States

I'm very conscientious and try to plan everything to the last detail. I rather shy away from conflict. I'm a lover of solitude but it feels good to be around companies, I listen to good music, swimming, seeing a movie or two mostly when i'm having hard times with depression or anxiety, I believe everyone should know that life is not a bird of roses, what's my point; things can change real quick in the twinkle of an eye so we all have our addicted ways of over coming times like that when you are up a tree or when you get jaded by the sanity casualties that life offers. I am a very genuine person with a good heart and looking for the same. It’s been a journey from the myriad of people in life

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27, male, Single

Uttar Durgapur, India

University student studying Computer Science and Technology. Love playing games, traveling, cracking jokes, learning about new technologies and cooking. Suffer from depression and anxiety. Depression caused due to lack of "true friends". All I want is a simple middle class life with a happy family.Looking for people with similar belief.

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25, male, Single

Alvarado, United States

I have major depression and social anxiety, and I'm looking for someone who understands me on an emotional level.I am currently a student at ASU online studying software engineering. I'm just hoping to meet people and see where this goes.

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25, female, Single

Scarborough, Canada

Hi there. Here's a little about me..I was born in Nigeria but brought up in Canada. I was bullied severely for the vast majority of my life. This has caused me to have mild social anxiety (diagnosed) and depression. It wasn't until last year that I felt like I was truly accepted. Entering university opened doors to friendships and even, to my surprise at the time, dating! Unfortunately the demons have caught up with me..I was accepted into U of T - St. George for Political Science, but am currently taking a year off for mental health issues. I plan on seeking counselling and getting the help that I need. The plan is to become a lawyer and I really hope I do, but I also fear that my demons will get in the way. All I can do is hope though.. If there's even any. Anyways, not here to write a "sob story". I'm sure you've already seen enough of that.I promise I'm more than my depression and social anxiety. I strive to better myself everyday and have grown more than I ever thought I could! Obviously, I am an open book and hope to meet new people and see where things go. I've learned to never get my hopes up, so I'm not expecting anything, but I do hope to find a person who'll at least understand me and not judge me.Thanks for reading this lengthy write up! Cheers! Don't forget to stop by if you're interested in this crazy gal ;)

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27, female, Single

Blythe, United States

My name is Sydney. I am nineteen years old. I am a very loyal and compassionate person who wants to give all my love to someone. I love to travel, drink, smoke and have a good time with my family and friends. I love music, mostly old school R&B and pop punk, post-hardcore, metalcore bands. I can find beauty in everything, except myself unfortunately. I have been struggling with depression and self-harm for a few years and I would like to find someone I can relate to and who won't be turned off by my mental illness. I have accepted my scars and my illness and I would like to find a significant other who can do the same. I'm not very good at these, as you can probably tell by reading this so if there's anything you want to know, just message me, I've been told that I'm easy to talk to c:

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