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34, male, Single

Bristol, United Kingdom

OK, so iv'e had depression for a while now but I think it's starting to pass. The only problem is that I have spent so long avoiding people, that now have trouble interacting with them. I'm an intelligent, interesting and fun person (at least I think I am, haha) and I am looking to meet someone who also has trouble 'getting out there'.I love movies! and can talk about them for hours, the same goes for; music, news, tech and politics. My taste in film is second to none! When it comes to music I listen to what ever suits my mood.. that said, I really enjoy blues piano:)Basically I'm just a shy / kind guy, who likes to relax and watch a good film.So if you want to talk, then don't hesitate.

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35, male, Single

Burnaby, Canada

I'm a currently health care support worker student and hoping to get into psychiatric nursing in the future as a long term goal. Not everyone understands mental illness or depression and it's a shame there's a stigma surrounding it because many of us who battle depression or other things are really great and smart people :)

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44, female, Married

Rosedale East, United Kingdom

Hi I'm recovering from depression and looking for new friends. I'm 38 easy going, easy to chat to, open and honest. Looking for people who have been through a similar experience

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27, male, Single

Jefferson City, United States

I am a story of a 2 month conversation. I am a person who is optimistic hopeful lonely but happy I deal with depression its a big part of my character but I am going to overcome my depression no matter what believe it. I am a studying taxidermist and I am currently on disability and cannot drive due to my eyesight (I AM NOT BLIND THOUGH) but once you get to know me I am a wonderful person and I wont give up on getting to know you if you get to know me and dont give me up on me I am seriously dedicated to finding the women of my dreams and dedicated to making positive changes in my life I will get my eye surgery and get a car and I will work one day just things come in due time and patience is a virtue. I am independent and do I live alone And the Public Transit and My Buddy driving me in his truck is how I get around and My friend is not single if you were wondering. I enjoy camping fishing and working out and basketball and I watch football I like anime and video games I am a hunter and I enjoy hunting. I love wearing camo. I like Long Walks while listening to music and I like holding a womens hand. I love my family they are a beacon of light in my world and give me so much love and faith in my dreams.

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29, male, Single

Worcester, United Kingdom

Just fyi I have no idea how to write these things and/or describe myself so sorry if it seems a bit sparse, also I'm really shy..I haven't quite decided what I'm doing with my life, it seems like pulling one string strains another, but i will be trying something new soon. As for the moment I like setting my music to shuffle and letting it take me under its wing, Opeth and Sevendust I'm forever grateful ^-^I'm a massive fan of video games as well as any card game or board so spending an evening like that with friends is always pretty fun.You can't go wrong with lists so here's a bunch of stuff I love:MusicArtsDeep SpaceFilmsNatureDeep SeaGaming- I'm sure there's more but hopefully you can introduce me to anything you love. As for why I'm here, using terminology people know I have depression and anxiety and it's hard trying to pretend your some outgoing-adventurous-funloving guy I guess I just feel too different for any other dating site, but don't let that fool you I can be strong willed, opinionated, and perhaps even terse? But in a cute way ofc ^_^ and if that doesn't work I can always try fluttering my blue eyes and long eyelashes(it's noted I've got long eyelashes by many a person)You should defo message me if you think you can handle me spending more time on my hair than you do before going out :P but most importantly if you're in dire need of someone to talk to, express thoughts or settle for an evening of any of the above whilst cuddling ^_^ who doesn't love collapsing in to a bed full of incredibly soft and fury pillows?

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