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Sirshi BK, India

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Agram, India

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Lakewood Village, United States

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Missoula, United States

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Billingham, United Kingdom

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Warszawa, Poland

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Plano, United States

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Washington, United States

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25, female, Single

Egg Harbor, United States

My name is Sofia. I can be more than a little bit frustrating. I suffer from borderline personality disorder, panic disorder, type 2 bipolar, generalized anxiety, and a few other things (but those are the main ones). Writing poetry is sort of my thing. I'm into metal, rock, grunge, alternative, and electronic music. I'm an INFP if you've heard of the Myers Briggs test. I'm submissive. I also really enjoy raving and going to music festivals. I'm not a very fun person to be close to, but I realize that maybe it's good for ed up people to be together, as a means of sort of... minimizing damage. I have tattoos, piercings, and quite a few scars. Feel free to message me.

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46, male, Single

Rzeszow, Poland

I'm a psychological INFP struggling to find someone to share my romantic nature and love of freedom

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27, male, Single

Amorita, United States

My name is Greg. Born and raised in NC, and I want to get far away from here ASAP. INFP personality type. Terrible at relationships, never happy.


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