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28, male, Single

Tettnang, Germany

In generel i am an optmistic humorous person which likes to have fun. If you look for someone to talk you can write to me no matter what topic amd you will get an interested answer. I am interested in many things but i am not specialized (yet) in anything, i like cooking, i also like sport!I suffer from depression now for a longer time which doesn't mean that i only lie in bed and do nothing. I try to change something in my life i go to my psychologist and tried many pills with not so much luck... but i am still on it and won't give up!I love my Brother my Sister and my friends who give me the power to keep going on, to enjoy lifeI am a really careful boyfriend, i would look out for you keep you warm and comfy in our world!I think i am quite empathic and i am able to understand social problems others wouldn't so easy so i am not so easy to upset and not jealous"If you look for someone holding you in his hands while watching something and later holds you in his arm and cuddles you to bed then theres a big chance you get that with me :)The depression makes me not uninterested in life so i would love to travel with you or go for holidays somewhere!If you hav any question or any other wish to contact me just write me and I will answer.

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34, male, Single

Carthage, United States

Hi. I don't want to go too deeply into the depression aspect of this right away or define myself by it, but I've got high hopes for this site because being upfront about my issues lets me hope that I can find someone who might understand and share my challenges. I've had some success with dating throughout my life, but throughout it all, I've felt the need to hide the darker side of myself, and inevitably end up feeling like I need to end my relationships to spare my partner from myself. I want to meet someone who I truly feel can understand what I'm going through, and can tolerate when my issues cause me to be moody or reclusive or grim. I want to meet someone who I can really feel is there with me, not just in the bad times but in the good and fun moments. I don't think that being with someone can fix me, but hopefully I can find someone with whom we can both work on fixing ourselves. Fixing isn't the right word, but hopefully you know what I mean. I don't want to dwell too much on all the bummer stuff though; I'm a pretty fun guy at times. I love to goof around with my friends and explore what's around me when my head permits. I'm smart and I can be really funny. I like to take trips to new places and old places that mean something to me. I'm really sentimental under all my affected (and real) ennui, and I like to indulge myself in being pretentious and overwrought, like throwing out the term affected ennui. I like to rock climb and go into caves and jump into water from high up. I want to find someone who likes things too, and I want us to do those things that we like together, and discover new cool things to do. I've spent a lot of time not doing these things, and I would like for that to stop. If you're still reading this you should say hi to me, and hopefully I've got enough sense to say hi back. I will be very awkward at first, and then for a long time after too, but maybe we'll end up enjoying each others' company.

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48, male, Single

Cossayuna, United States

Looking for someone healing from depression who wants a companion on the journey back to health. I know this is a looooooong road but looking for a companion who wants to be outside and do what is within the realm of possibility when in the midst of the disorder. Movies at home with healthy home cooked dinners.

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27, female, Single

Accrington, United Kingdom

I am far from perfect, I don't have perfect hair, nor a perfect body, nor perfect skin, nor perfect teeth. If you can't take me for as I come then you clearly have set a bar so high that it's stupidly unreachable. At the end of the day love comes from within, the cover is just that...a cover it holds all its goodies, all its beautiful contents on the inside which is just willing to be read, to be seen for all the glory that it is.Yes I live in Salvation Army...a homeless shelter, Yes I have been homeless (6/7 months on the streets) Yes I have been in some rough places and Yes I have seen some rough stuff, But I have never turned to drink or drugs, I have kept myself composed and am as sane as will ever be. Yes I suffer with severe depression and have done since I was 14 years old, but again doesn't make me any less of a person.I like to be honest and have been thus far and will continue to do so. Yes I have depression but doesn't mean I am not caring and loving in fact I am one of the most trustworthy, forgiving, loving and down to earth person you will ever meet!Just a few things I like:Gaming, Photography, Nights In, Movie marathons, Animals, Writing, Travelling, Zoo, Aquariums, Swimming, Bike rides, Exploring, Beach days, Swimming in the ocean, Anime, Youtube, Music, Banger racing,Random car drives, Cars/motorbikes and alot more...Any way want to know more then just ask me!

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70, male, Divorced

Baylis, United States

The space here is a little restrictive so I will try to tell my story without my usual penchant for detail and embellishment. The horrible truth is that I take antidepressants and see a psychiatrist every other week. I was married for 26 years and I have been divorced for 8. I have had some relationships but not love. I had four intelligent and talented kids. Katie, 33, is a lawyer in Portland. Sean, 30, is a manager for Ernst and Young at their corporate office in NYC. Fiona, 27, is a manager for an advertising agency and free lance photographer in NYC. Siobhan, 19, is a college freshman. Their mother has managed to turn them against me and none of us talk. I kept silent about their mother's affair and secret debt until last year when I got angry at my ex and told them. I dare not tell my psychiatrist the pain from a devoted father. Only real love can break this cruel spell over me.I had a botched back surgery along with my depression that has me on Disability. I have a part-time job with Uber so I reach $40,000 a year but no long the six figures I made as a district manager in retail clothing for 40 years. I have written a book and several screen plays. I have three patents pending. I shouldn't have to worry about disability if they or the two projects I am working on now see the light of day.I am loving, kind, loyal, fun, funny, active and a giver. At this point in my life, I have been humbled so that any personal pride or malice have been beaten out of me. I will be so grateful to that person that they can be assured of my devotion. The people on other dating sites lie and/or don't need love and seem to go through the motions.

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