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36, male, Single

London, United Kingdom

Name : Anuj.Model :1986.Made in Dhaka, Bangladesh. last 6 years in London.Days running : 11,170 days and counting.Technical info :6 packs Not available.everything else works fine.Been in rough hands previously but fully overhauled without any previous issues.Good suspension for different surface on and off road but rather not push it too much cause can backfire.On Board facilities....Music,culinary skills,can take care illness or at least will try its best ability ,Fixing multiple things,Can comfort from rainy or bad weather season like sadness or depression or hard day at work,Full of different on board switches with ability to surprise and spoil,Not for one night use or disposable use.Not looking for a parking spot only.It has self fuel earning ability more than its needed. so no need to pay for its fuel.Very low maintenance.Connectivity :Whatsapp, facebook, Standard text , Classic Phone call where people talk by phone.Talking face to face for best result.Cons :It does smoke cigarettes ,Love shopping, and it has every accessory it can fit in .Some other features :Like going to parks and feeding ducks,Like to find Different Petrol pump to find different fuel such as .. Chinese, japanees , Indian, Italian and few more.Engine oils :Not always but every now and then needs someBeer , vodka or whiskey or wine.and it will do just fine.Super extra features :Will make you laugh , and can big bear hug/cuddle. Once you got it it will never let anyone sit in the driver sit , so no need to look for keys.

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30, male, Single

Columbus, United States

It's been six months, since I last had the depression symptoms. I was a dead guy inside, for 8years before I realized what's my problem and seek treatment. However I sometimes do feel a little down from time to time, and felt at the time of writing this, that I needed to meet and talk with people who understand what I go through and have the patience to help each other. Looking forward to meet good people here :)

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28, male, Single

Leesburg, United States

My name is Charles (CJ) , and I've been off and on POF , a decent amount over my ,so far short adult life , and my biggest dream , is to meet the right woman for me , and what I'd like in the right woman is , communication ,love ,Affection ,loyalty ,and sweetness. I have been through , honestly , quite alot this past year , sense I have gotten' out of the U.S ARMY ,I've had a series of misfortune amongst me and my family's lives , and have had major issues with finding the right one , as well as just some really full on messed up relationships throughout my dating life ,but I just want to move forward through that. A personal thing that I've gone through alot lately ,is some Depression , Anxiety ,and some PTSD , and I've had some issues to where , I just wake up every day , Lonely , and just sad , and I just to find a really sweet woman ,that will ,hold me in her arms ,and just give me the Love ,that I've always needed. I am new to this site.

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23, male, Single

Marianna, United States

I am a caring person and I'm just looking for someone with good morals and a personality! I'm just kinda hoping to meet someone on here who is fun and nice as well but like I feel people with depression like mine understand more. They're kinder and cooler and funnier

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28, male, Single

Elberta, United States

I've had clinical depression for nearly 7 years & its kind of made me into someone I never wanted to be, I've been to multiple therapists & went through even more antidepressants and none of them have really helped. I like music, movies,TV shows, and mainly games (yes I'm kind of a nerd) but honestly I'll try & fill my head with any activity to keep myself busy from being stuck with my own thoughts. Depression has done one good thing though, its made me more understanding. I don't care about your race, religion, personal opinions or other stuff as long as your not hurting people & are understanding yourself. I also really like paintball but that's only because its the only thing that makes me feel truly alive again. I try to learn and do a lot of things but that's mainly to combat the loneliness that depression never seems to let up on, so I guess I just don't want to be alone anymore.

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