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38, male, Single

Homer Glen, United States

Hi, my name is Greg and I work as a quality analyst and technician at a major commercial manufacturing company. Throughout most of my adult life I have suffered from depression but in recent years I have made good strides in overcoming these issues. I would like to connect with someone who has had to deal with similar issues or one who's life has been somewhat hampered by issues that many others do not, or can not, fully understand. As I stated above I have received very good help in recent years which has enabled me to engage in my job and with friends and family on a level I had not been able to in many of the years prior. When I'm not working, I am usually hanging out with friends, spending as much time out doors as possible. Well, that's a snapshot of me :) Hope you're doing well and I look forward to meeting you!

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35, male, Single

Yockleton, United Kingdom

Looking for a stay at home girlFun,friendlyWith mild depression as I am also a sufferer.I am a fun and friendly stay at home guy,not had any look with women,as I have depression and find it hard to socialize with people,also went bald in urly life.just want to be honest I do not pretend to be something I am video games,film,tv,music and motorbikes.really want to find a stay at home friendly girl who is not bothered by looks as I am not.

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33, male, Single

Darlington, United Kingdom

Hi to anyone reading this I thought I'd try being honest cause there is plenty of men and women out there getting into relationships with someone they either can't handle it or aren't able to understand. So first things first I'm a long term sufferer of depression and anxiety (since childhood) for reasons I won't get into on here, I take medication and attend therapy for my depression. There has been a few incidents in the past where self harm has been a big part of my life, six months ago I broke up with my ex (seven year relationship) and I have had a very hard time adjusting without having something stable in my life. I do have children who don't live with me, I have three girls and a step son so anyone that ends up being interested or involved with me have to be willing to do the whole "he has kids" thing, I really can't stress how important that is to me I love my children and the last thing I want is for someone to develop a bond with them and then for things to not work out. I'm very big on computers and gaming I suppose thats okay I guess but I have been known to use it as a escape from anything stressful, I'm very loving at times but sometimes I struggle to show it, to be honest even typing this has been a struggle (because of the anxiety). I am a smoker but I do want to quit I also drink sometimes but can't drink a lot because of the medication i'm on, I am quite a bit overweight but I do want to work on that at some point. Basically there are a load of things in my life I need to work on and the whole meeting new people, dating and socialising is one of them, The truth is I don't want to do the whole messing around thing, I'm 27 and this might be weird for a guy to say but I want to meet new people whether its people that know what having depression is like and can understand it or not, I want to have a good time and maby fall in love with someone who can love me in return. I apologize this is so long this is me i guess thank you for reading.

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49, male, Single

Lakewood Rch, United States

I don't like standard beauty - there is no beauty without strangeness. ~Karl Lagerfeld~Do you ever walk the fence with rain, on one side it is a comfort, setting the tone for an evening of blankets and smoke-rings but on the other it is smothering and squeezes the tears out of you.When not contemplating the rain you can find me reading piles of books, taking apart recipes and fixing them to my taste, listening to hours of music in headphones, caring for two house plants, scrolling through the sci-fi/drama/documentaries on my DVR, quietly photographing the world and anything else that keeps me from juggling my depression and anxiety from a blanket cave on the couch.To be honest I am unsure what I am looking for, I lost a girlfriend of 5 years and a lot of friends a few years back when my personal fog rolled in and I find myself lonely. I was a caring, thoughtful and affectionate person once and would like to find my way back to that with someone that understands what it is to be confusingly low most of the time. Helping each other take steps and figure things out and having a friend to ride out those afternoons on the couch with. I would find strength and beauty in anyone choosing to fight instead of relenting so I don't think there is generally a type I am looking for, I guess as long as you are unique and strange in your own special way we might get along. I like artists, glasses, freckles, a subtle crooked tooth, a strong mind behind the fog, rocks over-alls as elegantly as a dress, looks amazing through the steam off a cup of coffee and most importantly, looks like no one else on the planet, a broken mold. Most of all, a friend, who could use a shoulder to lean on as well...

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26, male, Single

Glasgow, United Kingdom

Don't know what to say, don't ever use thing like this but I've found that with my depression and anxiety I can't seem to pick myself up anymore on my own and through forcing myself into letting my guard down w my ex (first since depressed) I'm finding it hard to cope for having only my mum and we don't get on. What Im looking for is someone to get to know/know me who wants a loyal, comforting, close and confidence boosting relstionship, slowly but surely becoming a team with all the nice first times in between, my brain somehow automatically and gradually switches off my depression and anxiety (not completely but it allows me to enjoy life, stop worrying so much and build a relationship with someone that actually means something to me) when I have someone I careand makes my life so much better, finding someone understanding enough for why I feel like seems like the hardest thing because I couldn't tell a friend about how I feel at times never mind someone I'd like to be with, so this is why I am here. I will open up over time tho.Someone who is like minded and non judgemental that understands how it feels to be anxious in situations and is quick to take your mind off of it working on making each other as comfortable in social situations or in public as possible with love and showing you passionately care about helping someone else alleviate their inside problems they feel no one understands and getting it in return because you both know on a heartfelt level the feeling of fear they may be facing by simply reading their facial expressions, body language or even the tone in their voice, whatever it might be its like a connection you both are in sync to without having to say much, on my 20 years on this planet I find that there is without sounding the way it's probs going to sound, no antidepressant comes even remotely close to a mutual genuine love and care for someone.Ask me any thing, I talk to anyone just not in person haha.

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