Dating When You Have Depression

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35, male, Single

Burnaby, Canada

I'm a currently health care support worker student and hoping to get into psychiatric nursing in the future as a long term goal. Not everyone understands mental illness or depression and it's a shame there's a stigma surrounding it because many of us who battle depression or other things are really great and smart people :)

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30, male, Single

Crook, United States

Been struggling with depression for some time now but it has been really hitting hard lately. I would really like to meet some like minded people and go out. Looking for a relationship or something of the like.

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41, male, Single

Sunderland, United Kingdom

Nice easy going character, good sense of humour, left the navy after 14 years, suffered with Ptsd depression and anxiety, would like to meet someone not necessarily with a military background but someone who has gone through the same experience with depression as I have.

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28, male, Single

Tettnang, Germany

In generel i am an optmistic humorous person which likes to have fun. If you look for someone to talk you can write to me no matter what topic amd you will get an interested answer. I am interested in many things but i am not specialized (yet) in anything, i like cooking, i also like sport!I suffer from depression now for a longer time which doesn't mean that i only lie in bed and do nothing. I try to change something in my life i go to my psychologist and tried many pills with not so much luck... but i am still on it and won't give up!I love my Brother my Sister and my friends who give me the power to keep going on, to enjoy lifeI am a really careful boyfriend, i would look out for you keep you warm and comfy in our world!I think i am quite empathic and i am able to understand social problems others wouldn't so easy so i am not so easy to upset and not jealous"If you look for someone holding you in his hands while watching something and later holds you in his arm and cuddles you to bed then theres a big chance you get that with me :)The depression makes me not uninterested in life so i would love to travel with you or go for holidays somewhere!If you hav any question or any other wish to contact me just write me and I will answer.

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40, female, Single

Elton, United States

I'm new here. Straight up, I have depression along with anxiety and other thing's. All this has taken a toll on me in every way. I'm trying to get healthy again. I guess I'm just looking for someone who understands. Someone likeminded. It would be great to laugh again. Deep, intelligent convo is nice too. I like photography. I like to write a little. I love music. I love deep quotes. Just looking for some friends...maybe a connection.

Dating When You Have Depression - Depression Dating

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