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35, male, Single

Ellsworth, United States

I am very active but I feel terribly selfish for not sharing the fun I have with someone that feels similar about the world . I believe that depression is just a symptom of not being engaged with God's plan. It goes something like " he that loves the world does not have the love of the father in him". Anyway you do not need to see things my way spiritually and I focus on being as nonjudgmental as I can. Even if you don't pass my love at first sight screening I am still more than willing to be your friend. I have lived a very full life and have learned to examine and correct my shortcomings. As far as a few shortcomings I either can't or wont change I would say my voice is too nerdy, I dont put up a fight, and I live with my highschool best friend/ sweetheart (she is very friendly and you are more than welcome to speak to her before you ever meet me). I have been putting off looking for right at a year now as the last relationship I had left me in a pretty bad place. My daily life in extreme sports(ill tell you later) is spent around very happy people but it has become impossible to try to date in these communities because the free spirit nature they posess is not the type I posess. I plan on traveling to the south pacific at the end of 2017 for a couple of months. Im looking for a beautiful sporty (or willing to try)WOMAN with some battlescars , a desire to serve others, and willingness to adapt to situations that might leave common people stunned and traumatized. My life is like an action movie that can't be prepared for. As far as my spiritual illness (depression) I may skype with you about it but it is kinda classified and very personal. Hope you got what you needed from this summary and I pray you ultimately learn to keep your depression as a prisoner and not the other way around

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25, female, Single

Sundance, United States

I do have depression and anxiety. Which should not be a surprise since I am on here. It feels like it is hard to find people I can really connect with and have stick around. So I am on here looking for friends and hopefully a relationship. I am up to long distance. Anyways,I love to read and to sing and work with animals. I want to be a veterinary technician when I am older, I am currently going to school for it! :) I also love baking and being outside. I am kind of shy but love new conversations! :)

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30, male, Single

Mays, United States

I was recently diagnosed with depression since then I don't think the same . I want someone that can help threw this hard times for better.

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31, male, Single

Brierfield, United Kingdom

Hi I'm Jarrod 24 from Burnley. I have Depression and Social Anxiety Disorder. I close up when around a group of people and i think i will be like this for the rest of my life. I just want to give a woman all my love and to be loved back. I will share loads more about myself but first message me x

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32, male, Single

New Point, United States

My name is Tommy. I have a good job and I have 2 daughters that are my world. I would have never made it this far without them. I love music of all kinds and one of my favorite things to do is play guitar. Smoking weed is my other favorite. I've been having a hard time in life lately and it's made my depression as bad as its ever been. I pretend I'm OK on the outside but inside my head there's a war going on and it drives me crazy. I'm a really nice guy, I'm sweet and not very forward, more of the shy type. Im just hoping to find somebody to be able to talk to about . Someone who I don't have to hide my depression and I can be upfront about it. Someone who understands. A friend and maybe even a reason to not give up hope.

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