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36, female, Single

Sanford, United States

I believe depression prevents other people from getting to know what a great person I am. People tend to judge really fast instead of taking the time to get to know a person and to understand why a person is the way he or she is. I am here because this is something different from other dating sites. Hoping to meet someone who treats me well and is willing to take the time to get to knowMe.

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61, female, Divorced

Gordon Park, Australia

MUST LOVE DOGS haha AND CATS and a movie NOTEBOOK I AM looking for a companion or a pen pal of a friend or even care together about animals, God knows who we are supposed to meet?Is there still a person with a strong character, humour, gratitude and purpose?Someone who is genuine REAL I mean really real! Honest and frank as I am or was, loving and bit old fashioned (want hurt) Fun, articulate, intelligent, loving and kind. (just like list from Marry Poppins movie) I am just average lonely person struggling with depression and would like to talk about everything, not just about black DOG I may eventually update this description

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36, male, Single

Chester, United Kingdom

I'm a friendly, warm intelligent guy. Bit of a geek at times, animal lover, fairly left wing politically and involved in some activism. I've recently stopped smoking pot (I was quite a heavy user for a number of years) so having a bit of a rough time right now with depression and anxiety. Just really wanting to meet new people and start doing new things, and hopefully really enjoying life again!

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36, male, Single

London, United Kingdom

Name : Anuj.Model :1986.Made in Dhaka, Bangladesh. last 6 years in London.Days running : 11,170 days and counting.Technical info :6 packs Not available.everything else works fine.Been in rough hands previously but fully overhauled without any previous issues.Good suspension for different surface on and off road but rather not push it too much cause can backfire.On Board facilities....Music,culinary skills,can take care illness or at least will try its best ability ,Fixing multiple things,Can comfort from rainy or bad weather season like sadness or depression or hard day at work,Full of different on board switches with ability to surprise and spoil,Not for one night use or disposable use.Not looking for a parking spot only.It has self fuel earning ability more than its needed. so no need to pay for its fuel.Very low maintenance.Connectivity :Whatsapp, facebook, Standard text , Classic Phone call where people talk by phone.Talking face to face for best result.Cons :It does smoke cigarettes ,Love shopping, and it has every accessory it can fit in .Some other features :Like going to parks and feeding ducks,Like to find Different Petrol pump to find different fuel such as .. Chinese, japanees , Indian, Italian and few more.Engine oils :Not always but every now and then needs someBeer , vodka or whiskey or wine.and it will do just fine.Super extra features :Will make you laugh , and can big bear hug/cuddle. Once you got it it will never let anyone sit in the driver sit , so no need to look for keys.

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49, male, Single

Lakewood Rch, United States

I don't like standard beauty - there is no beauty without strangeness. ~Karl Lagerfeld~Do you ever walk the fence with rain, on one side it is a comfort, setting the tone for an evening of blankets and smoke-rings but on the other it is smothering and squeezes the tears out of you.When not contemplating the rain you can find me reading piles of books, taking apart recipes and fixing them to my taste, listening to hours of music in headphones, caring for two house plants, scrolling through the sci-fi/drama/documentaries on my DVR, quietly photographing the world and anything else that keeps me from juggling my depression and anxiety from a blanket cave on the couch.To be honest I am unsure what I am looking for, I lost a girlfriend of 5 years and a lot of friends a few years back when my personal fog rolled in and I find myself lonely. I was a caring, thoughtful and affectionate person once and would like to find my way back to that with someone that understands what it is to be confusingly low most of the time. Helping each other take steps and figure things out and having a friend to ride out those afternoons on the couch with. I would find strength and beauty in anyone choosing to fight instead of relenting so I don't think there is generally a type I am looking for, I guess as long as you are unique and strange in your own special way we might get along. I like artists, glasses, freckles, a subtle crooked tooth, a strong mind behind the fog, rocks over-alls as elegantly as a dress, looks amazing through the steam off a cup of coffee and most importantly, looks like no one else on the planet, a broken mold. Most of all, a friend, who could use a shoulder to lean on as well...

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