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24, male, Single

Afrokrom, Saudi Arabia

I am a junior in high school. Next year (2018) will be my last and after that I will either study in the Russian Federation to become a doctor or study in the USA to become a lawyer. I have been depressed for a long time and all I want is a woman who can relate to me. I will reveal more about myself the more we talk. :)

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63, male, Divorced

Frankston North, Australia

I came here because I feel that people who have not really suffered or are not going through emotional trials and feeling depressed cannot understand or appreciate what we are going through and what we need.I was surprised to see so many profiles saying things like "I have a bubbly personality" or "love to laugh" or "happy go lucky", to me you don't sound very depressed. I know we pretend to be ok and every time someone asks me how I am I say "fine thanks" or "I'm ok" when inside I am suffering more than you can imagine and wishing I would not wake up tomorrow but here it is time to be honest and genuine and only someone experiencing similar trauma and stresses could be able to feel what we are going through.So many people say "get yourself together and then give me a call" but you know that with that attitude they would never be there for you through the hard times.I suffered terribly in the past and only survived it because I was in a loving relationship with a wonderful woman and I would not have made it through without her so having to suffer alone is not helpful and having the support of someone special can give you the strength you need to get through the worst of times that may cause you to give up if you are alone.I am going through the worst time of my life and without someone to balance the stress and pain with love and support I feel unlikely to get through it.All my life I helped people and was very generous but now in my time of need all those I helped have abandoned me.No matter what I am going through I always have room in my heart and life for someone special and can distance them from my problems.I am a very loving, honest, respectful, romantic, faithful, generous, caring affectionate and only need the love of someone special to motivate me to turn my life around and survive this terrible time.To clarify... marriage is sacred but I don't need to be married to be happy or faithful & I am open to any type of monogamous relationship

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33, male, Single

Zahl, United States

I am so bad at describing myself haha, well i am very kind with a big heart. I have a huge sense of humor and i will always try to make you laugh if i care for you. I like walks in the park, listening to music, reading textbooks and studying, or just chilling at home watching a show or a movie. As of right now i am battling Depression, so sometimes i can be a little sensitive but i am very understanding, i am looking for a better half to help me with this burden so i can be myself again, if you are depressed also i will be there for you when you are down, keep you company, and cheer you up whenever you need me

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39, female, Single

Racine, United States

Hi handsome , I know you might be depressed on receiving this mail ..Well,I will like you not to feel that way.. I'm kinda new to this internet stuffs and I'm called Juliana by name.. I have found interest in your profile on the dating site and will like us to get to know more about each other if you don't mind ..I am a God fearing lady with a sense of humor,I am Interested in corresponding with you and hope to know more about you. Am Looking for the right man for me, my soul mate, my truelove, A man who is ready to love and be loved by me, A man who is looking for a long term and everlasting relationship.. I hope to hear back from you as well handsome .. Thank you ..I would like you to invite me on Hangout now am online...

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46, male, Single

Chicago, United States

I have nothing in common with, nor do I relate to any people that are my age. I am just not interested in the things that they are interested in.I am Bipolar. I used to teach and work with computers. I do not work now. I spend most of my days sleeping as much as possible. I have a car and money. I am depressed most of the time. I like to write "Death" Poetry. My soul has died, I am just waiting for my body to catch up. The few things that I do like are movies, going out to eat, going to the mall, and sleeping.I am looking for a friend, or even more. My dream is to find someone and create cute couple moments with them. I am pleasant to be around, and can entertain you with useless knowledge and dark humor.

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