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63, male, Single

Elk Grove Village, United States

I work as a security guard by trade, I am a writer by choice. I write horror and sci fi for online magazines. I like movies and nice restaurants. I think that the best times are the quiet times between two people on the same wavelength. I like action adventure movies and 80s music. I'm a big fan of the rocky horror picture show. I was a phone psychic for several years, much like the famous Ms. Cleo. I seldom drink and I do not smoke. I like to cook I make a killer chili. these online posts are hard to express one's heart without revealing too much info to the public. I have been depressed most of my adult life and most of my teens. I do not take meds for my condition. I will respond to any who write.

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28, male, Single

Taylorville, United States

I'm addicted to music, I get depressed if i go a while without making something. I like to travel and be funny and hear funny things from funny people. Vampire Weekend and Kendrick Lamar are the best artists who are active right now. Flying Lotus too. Kanye's new album was pretty great.

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29, male, Single

Northfield, United States

Hey people :) ,I'm a 23 YO Grad Student that's pursuing Master's in "Information Assurance and Cybersecurity" at Northeastern University, Boston.I believe myself to be a very sweet, caring kind of a person. Very funny at times. I am very affectionate too :) .So.. here's how it is for me:I absolutely couldn't care any lesser about your race and ethnicity. I'm a straight male myself but you being bi is not a problem :) .I don't think the shape of your body is the only factor that's considered to say you are "Hot or Not". I'm more into your attitude towards things, how friendly you are, how understanding you are and things like that :) .Facial Beauty isn't that much of a factor to me.Everyone is beautiful in their own ways :) .And when it comes to depression, I can handle mine pretty well. I want to and most definitely will try to help you with yours. In-fact I take great pleasure from helping others out of depression. I believe helping a depressed person is noble.I feel like I've been an outsider my entire life. Not really fitting in anywhere. I used to (and still do sometimes) "fake" a lot of human interactions. I want someone with whom I can be the real me. No pretending, no faking etc.Just a little side note, I'm a non-vegetarian, I eat all sorts of meat + I drink sometimes.

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51, male, Divorced

Saltsjo-Boo, Sweden

newly divorced, it sucks! If anyone don't mind a beaten down depressed person...blab ablbla blab alb alblabb yeah stop

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38, male, Divorced

Witten, United States

I've been depressed for a while, most notably the past year and a half. I am just taking it one day at a time but i am hopeful to one day have optimism for a fulfilling and happy future. I am a boxer and have a good job. I am sick of being alone. I have lost the desire to participate in social events and some days do not even want to leave my house; it's a chore to do the simplest of tasks. I am looking for someone where the support and understanfing is mutual.

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