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36, male, Single

London, United Kingdom

I worked as a Waiter to earn for living My hobbies I like to go visit sightseeing and Famous Places Im an artistic person I Love to Paint and Sketch I draw what catches my Eye and make a record I enjoy visiting restaurants trying different types of Meals but I would love to share with someone instead being alone and depressed all the time.

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28, male, Single

Motala, Sweden

I love history, music and experiencing new things in life. I currently work and live in Sweden, trying to save up money to leave an start a new life somewhere. My biggest dream right now is to travel and see the world, to find somewhere to stay and leave Sweden behind. Been depressed for about 5 years now. About 2 years of deep depression. Have no friends left, so would love to meet new ones.

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36, male, Single

Junagadh Girnar Road, India

A self made CEO from homeless...I do what it takes to solve any problem. I Work really hard. I sleep under the sky even in freezing cold just for the heck of that peaceful sleep. Talk about craziness , and you've got the example! Line-iBatiNormally I am installing solar projects, but I have in free times also helped some depressed people get better at Life with meditation and Brain Commanding techniques.For anything else, just ask me.

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28, male, Single

Taylorville, United States

I'm addicted to music, I get depressed if i go a while without making something. I like to travel and be funny and hear funny things from funny people. Vampire Weekend and Kendrick Lamar are the best artists who are active right now. Flying Lotus too. Kanye's new album was pretty great.

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25, female, Single

Olympia Fields, United States

Im amanda im very lonely i like tv politics you name it i want someone that like a mister rodgers lol looks nice no piercings tattoos not shaved just clean cut and i want those texts like "Good morning princess" i miss that and i just wish i could have that again im not much for online dating but we will see what happens :) so if you like me date me! im a real depressed gal i try my best to hide it but i am. Hopefully i can meet a guy to nuture and love thats nice.I want someone to surprise me for once one guy that isnt boring or weird or ugly lol i just want meaningful love.

Dating For Depressed People - Depression Dating

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