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Carpio, United States

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Surbiton, United Kingdom

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28, male, Single

Motala, Sweden

I love history, music and experiencing new things in life. I currently work and live in Sweden, trying to save up money to leave an start a new life somewhere. My biggest dream right now is to travel and see the world, to find somewhere to stay and leave Sweden behind. Been depressed for about 5 years now. About 2 years of deep depression. Have no friends left, so would love to meet new ones.

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26, female, Single

Morse Mill, United States

Dating status: HurtI'm Delejah, 17 years young.I enjoy music and concerts.I'm a good girl with bad habits.Cigarettes being one, It's funny that the things that make us happy are the things that can kill us.I'm a mess, I'm depressed but seeing as I have plenty of band merch, I'm well dressed.Don't get too close..It's dark inside.Can someone tell me I'm beautiful, worth living and actually mean it.I want someone to sit with me on a roof top at 2 am, talking about the world, listening to slow songs. I want someone who I can trust. I want someone to live through adventures with me and who will love me just as much as I love them.

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36, male, Single

Chester, United Kingdom

Mildly anxious and depressed guy looking to turn his life around.

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28, male, Single

Webberville, United States

I don't know if this will work but if you are depressed and want to share with someone like yourself, we can be kind to each other and share our imperfection. Although I think I have a good life, life is still painful, and I want to share with someone with whom we can have a life worth living. I am good company, have a place we can stay, and rations of food. I will never leave you, we will be in this together, we can work together just enough to survive, and maybe even overcome our depression. We might be able to live a fulfilled life together. We can still bake cookies and have cats and do cool stuff. It's worth a shot. Before blaming yourself, maybe your life can still work out, with me, just in a different way than you thought :). We can contribute to the world whenever we want to, and go at our own pace, in our own time bubble, and be withdrawn whenever we want to. Whatever your ideal is, I want to be there with you. You don't have to go through it on your own.

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24, male, Single

Afrokrom, Saudi Arabia

I am a junior in high school. Next year (2018) will be my last and after that I will either study in the Russian Federation to become a doctor or study in the USA to become a lawyer. I have been depressed for a long time and all I want is a woman who can relate to me. I will reveal more about myself the more we talk. :)

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