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36, male, Single

London, United Kingdom

I worked as a Waiter to earn for living My hobbies I like to go visit sightseeing and Famous Places Im an artistic person I Love to Paint and Sketch I draw what catches my Eye and make a record I enjoy visiting restaurants trying different types of Meals but I would love to share with someone instead being alone and depressed all the time.

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38, male, Divorced

Witten, United States

I've been depressed for a while, most notably the past year and a half. I am just taking it one day at a time but i am hopeful to one day have optimism for a fulfilling and happy future. I am a boxer and have a good job. I am sick of being alone. I have lost the desire to participate in social events and some days do not even want to leave my house; it's a chore to do the simplest of tasks. I am looking for someone where the support and understanfing is mutual.

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42, female, Single

Bon Ami, United States

Just ask me, I don't feel like filling this out or kik me at gloomysunday80. I don't like talking much about myself. Just be depressed and attractive. Like metal. Hate country and rap. Morbid minded.

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28, male, Single

Crab Dmeriyine, Trinidad and Tobago

Hi i'm just going to be honest, i'm a bit of loner i enjoy anime, music and video games. I have had depression for some time now and i know it's not going anywhere soon i don't know if i'll ever get better but i just want someone who'll understand that's why i'm here the last thing i want to do is drag someone else down i just want someone who knows what i'm going through so we can talk about it and maybe be a little less depressed together anyway if you're interested just message me and we can talk

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40, male, Single

Concord Farragut, United States

Hey, my name is Chris. I like playing guitar even though I'm not that good. I like playing video games, I know I'm a nerd don't judge me. When it comes to music I prefer rock, metal, and punk. When it comes to movies I prefer horror and sci-fi. I'm pretty sure I can't dance. I never really traveled much. I don't know what else, guess it's better to leave questions to be answered. I don't go out much anymore. I want to go out but most of my friends moved on to other things and don't have the time. It doesn't feel right going somewhere on your own and it's awkward when you're not the best in social situations. I kind of miss the days when I had someone to talk to on a regular basis, it would be nice to have someone to talk to again.I am willing to go pretty much anywhere, do anything, at least once anyway. I am not here for a short term distraction. I am here looking and hoping for something special, meaningful, long term. So if you are looking for something else don't waste either of our time. If this is a place for depressed people and people going through rough times maybe we can help each other get through it together. Two wrongs make a right you know. So if you are looking for what I am looking for, you can tolerate my interest and you can understand that I'm far from perfect but at least I'm trying, I hope to hear from you soon. Thanks and have a good day.

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