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29, female, Single

Lavelle, United States

My name is WinterStorm I'm EMO and I'm single looking 4 a new EMO/Gothic GF. My favorite band is Black Veil Brides. I have depression and panic attacks. I have been EMO at age 18 due 2 cutting but now I don't cut anymore I'm lesbian and not a christian. My favorite color is black and I love black cats. My favorite month is October because of Halloween because I do celebrate Halloween. I don't celebrate Christmas anymore and I'm sensitive 2 rude people and loud noises. I cry all the time maybe 4 a week or a month. My favorites are Hello Kitty,My Little Pony,EMO girls,EMO clothes,EMO accessories,piercings,converse shoes. I'm allergic 2 cigarette smoke and I don't drugs. I'm against bullying,alcohol.animal abuse,child abuse,,teen drugs,underage , and teen drugs. I can be a little bit bossy and cranky so I don't have time 4 annoying people. I only date girls ages between 18 to 22 only! I don't date older women just ages 18 to 22! My nicknames are Rainbow Dash,Midnight and Buttercup.

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35, male, Single

Waverly, United States

Well in have depression like everyone once else I'm just trying to find someone who will understand what it like to wake and not wanting to unhappy

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39, male, Single

Stoughton, United States

I'm 32 years old and have been in New Orleans for eight years now where I work as a rating specialist. I enjoy live music, running, going out to eat at different restaurants, exploring the city, learning new things, going to the beach, etc. I do have a tendency to discuss politics, but am very mindful and open to other peoples' views. It is a topic that I can avoid though. I consider myself an honest person with integrity. I'm liberal, open minded and curious about the world.As far as my lifestyle, I like to go out to eat, run at times, and watching Netflix and the news. Admittedly, I struggle with depression and I'm tired of putting on a front for people and acting as though I'm happy at times when I'm not. It's not to say that I'm never happy. I have happy moments, but I do struggle with overall happiness or I simply wouldn't be on this site. I'm looking for someone who will have understanding and compassion and I will return the same.

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28, male, Single

Tettnang, Germany

In generel i am an optmistic humorous person which likes to have fun. If you look for someone to talk you can write to me no matter what topic amd you will get an interested answer. I am interested in many things but i am not specialized (yet) in anything, i like cooking, i also like sport!I suffer from depression now for a longer time which doesn't mean that i only lie in bed and do nothing. I try to change something in my life i go to my psychologist and tried many pills with not so much luck... but i am still on it and won't give up!I love my Brother my Sister and my friends who give me the power to keep going on, to enjoy lifeI am a really careful boyfriend, i would look out for you keep you warm and comfy in our world!I think i am quite empathic and i am able to understand social problems others wouldn't so easy so i am not so easy to upset and not jealous"If you look for someone holding you in his hands while watching something and later holds you in his arm and cuddles you to bed then theres a big chance you get that with me :)The depression makes me not uninterested in life so i would love to travel with you or go for holidays somewhere!If you hav any question or any other wish to contact me just write me and I will answer.

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26, male, Single

Grand Rivers, United States

Thanks for stopping by!I'm a really open minded person and I love good conversation. I'm not the smartest guy in the world but I would consider myself intellectual. I'm a music lover and I write/ perform my own pieces and various covers of songs by my favorite artists. I have struggled with anxiety and depression since I can remember but I'm always working on it and find peace through meditation. Not in a religious way or anything. I just like to think. I'd be happy to discuss it with you or anything else you would like to know!

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